Bronze Relief Bezalel / Faberge Eliezer Strich 1931 Bronze Relief Bezalel / Faberge Eliezer Strich 1931
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Very large  and heavy bronze relief of an unknown distinguished gentleman,
by Bezalel/ Faberge artist Eliezer Strich (1879-1941).Clearly signed and
dated in both Hebrew and English 1931. Size: 39cm X 35cm

Strich born in Lithuania and studied art in St.Petersburg. In 1905 after receiving
a Scholarship he travelled to Paris to study. In 1907 he returned to St.Petersburg
where amongst his tasks he worked in the "House of Faberge" on relief work where
he received an award honor from Tsar Nicholas 11 on creating a relief bronze bust
of his father Alexander 111.

In 1914 at the age of 35 he was invited by the founder of the Bezalel School of
Arts, Boris Schatz to join their team in Palestine ,where he became one of the 
directors of the Bezalel School in Jerusalem.Teaching between 1919-21.
He died  in Haifa in 1941.



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