Omar Khayyam Ze'ev Raban Omar Khayyam Ze'ev Raban
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Rare and unique framed signed gouache on paper with polyester coating by the
renowned Bezalel artist Zeev Raban (Rabitsky)(1890-1970).This is one of Raban's
later works, influenced by the Persian poet Omar Khayyam with certain elements
of an Iranian miniature.The idea of protecting the gouache paintings with a polyester
coating occurred to Raban in the early 1960's.Raban studied at the Bezalel
School of Arts Jerusalem in 1912, and later became a teacher of sculpture and art.
In 1914 he became the director of the repousse department.He spent the last
years of his life painting biblical themes in gouache.Many of his works can be
found in the Israel Museum. Signed both in English and in Hebrew "Zeev Raban".
Size: 71cm X 60cm.


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